Hot Land Of Hi-Tech Industry Clusters

Zhangjiang covers a total area of77.45km2,Here we have formed four main industrial clusters namely integrated circuits and Software Bio-Tech&Pharmaceutical, Creative industry and Low-Carbon industry Besides centering on these four clusters we have also developed other hi-tech industries.

The total revenue of Zhangjiang's integrated Circuits has reached 29.9 billion RMB in 2010 which accounts for 1/5 of China's total and the software industry has also reached 25.7 billion RMB in 2010

Bio-Tech &Pharmaceutical industry in Zhangjiang also occupies an important place 6 of The Forbes Top 10 pharmaceutical companies have set up their R&D facilities and headquarters here including Pfizer Roche Novartis GSK Astrazeneca and Abbott.

Creative industry here is young and full of vigor The total revenue in 2010 has reached 12 billion RMB thanks to the contribution of our Star Enterprises such as Baidu EA Shanda (NASDAQ:SNDA),NetEase(NASDAQ:NINE),The 9 City (NASDAQ:Ntes),Blizzard Entertainment,etc.

Strategic Link in Global Business

Zhangjiang plays a key role in many companies' global strategy By 2010 over 140 companies have set up R&D centers and 30 multinational companies have set up their regional headquarters in zhangjiang including world famous names such as HP, lBM, Dow Honeywell Schneider Electric Henkel GE etc.

Paradise for Entrepreneurs

Zhangjiang encourages entrepreneurship,especially those with high-tech background Zhang jiang has witnessed hundreds of companies growing up from start-ups By the end of 2010,26 companies in Hangjiang have successfully gone public in NASDAQ, mainland China and Hong Kong. And some of our companies such as Spreadtrum,,Apex one,PPlive Sundia Desano etc have been awarded by Deloitte,Red Herring ,EDN China for their potential and innovative abilities And some have won China Awards for Science and Technology by Ministry of Science and Technology of China Awards for Science and Technology by Ministry of Science and Technology of China Chinese highest appraisal for science and hi-tech achievements.

Attractive highland to Talents

By the end of 2010,Zhangjiang has a total working population of over 150000 in the park averaging an annual growth rate of 22% between 2005 and 2010,Among these employees,3900 hold doctoral degree,21700 hold master degree and 77300 hold junior-college-or-higher degree As a national level hi=tech park in Shanghai,Zhangjiang is always an attraction to high-caliber persons,Shanghai students enjoys best quality educational resources from top universities,professional training organizations and joint postgraduate cultiva tion programs. Besides, Zhangjiang in novation lnstitute offers our clients with tailor-made training programs in areas of integrated Circuits and Software lndustry,Bio-Tech&Pharmaceutical, Creative lndustry, Low-Carbon lndustry,Financial information Service, Modern Agriculture, etc.

Most Favorable Policy & lncentives Accompanying Your Business Growth

  • Tax Holiday
  • Subsidy For Research
  • Set-Up Subsidy
  • Personal Income Tax Refund
  • Customized Favorable Policies
  • Training Subsidy
  • Loan Interest Subsidy
  • Corporate Tax Refund
  • Import Tax Free For R&D Equipments
  • Subsidy For New Products&Patents
  • Accommodation Subsidy
  • One-Stop Registration Service
  • Financial Support For Goina Public

Most Simplified Registration Procedures to Start Business

ZASC:Zhangjiang Administrative Service Center

Address:No.39 Zhangjiang Road,Pudong New Area

SAFE:State Administration of Foreign Exchange Shanghai Branch

Address:No.181 Lujiazui EastRoad,Pudong New Area
Item Approving
Time Limit
Name Registration ZASC 3
Foreign Investment Approval ZASC 7
Business Registration ZASC 7
Seal Engraving ZASC 2
Organization Code ZASC 5
Foreign Exchange Reistration SAFE Shanghai Branch 2
Tax Registration ZASC 7
Financial Registration ZASC 3

Professional Service Support from the Park

One-Stop Registration

Zhangjiang Administrative Service Center(ZASC)provides one-stop registration service for our customers, Besides you are free of charge for over 50 admininstrative fees.

Talent Apartments

We have built talent apartments in all parts of Zhangjiang at a relatively low rate and your employees may apply for subsidy for their accommodation.


We have already introduced into Zhangjiang 4star rated hotels such as Parkyard howard Johnson Longdong Business, Hotel,etc,And more worldly famous brands are discussing with us their future plan of building 5 star rated hotels here

Customer Service Center

We have setup a 24-Hour service platform to provide all kinds of services to our customers When you meet problems, just call 800-620-1485.


Besides metro line 2, there will be more metro lines to cross Zhangjiang such as line 13and line 21,And we also have over 20 bus lines to connect zhangjiang to different parts in Shanghai and areas inside the park.


Zhangjiang has gathered all kinds of agents concerning finance,Hr marketing communications, logistics, etc So it's much easier for you to concentrate on your core business here.


There are over 100 restaurants inside Zhangjiang to meet different needs of you.

Open labs ready for public Use

Zhangjiang provides various kinds of R&D service platforms such as Shanghai Synchrotron Radiation Facility Shanghai Supercomputer Centre,lC R&D center National Human Genome Center,Shanghai National Biological Chip Research Centre and Shanghai High Polymer Material R &D Center These resources can provide you with a complete set of professional services.

Lncubators brighten start-ups'future

the Park has gradually formed a distribution of integrated incubation professional incubation multiple incubations and through every professional service and preferential policy it enlivens the companies The incubators are dedicated to providing all kinds of service for the small entrepreneurial firms.

Green Channel for intellectual Property Right Affairs

The State lntellectual Property Office set up Shanghai Pudong New Area intellectual Property Office in Zhangjiang Park to provide the exclusive service of patent application lawyer service, mortgage,data searching etc.

Comprehensive investment and Financing Services integrating both Government and Social Resources

There are 65 investment management and consulting firms in the Park,13 banking institutions,4 investment banks,5 technology transfer ,2 financing leasing firms and 43 venture capitals being introduced into the Park with total capital capital of 17.8 billion USD(128 billion RMB) which can greatly support those developing companies.

Easy Working Easy Life

Zhangjiang is hi-tech park as well as a young city As for work we provide our customers with a get environment by building a wide range of different space such as Grade A office buildings Standard plants R&D Buildings labs etc And after word you can go fitting swimming play football basketball You can also find a bar or café here to have a gathering with your colleagues and friends Besides we hold various activities each month for you to participate in.