Who We Are

Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, a national level industrial development zone, was founded in July, 1992. We focus on integration and innovation in industrial development,so as to draw on the benefits of integrated resources and comprehensive innovative services. After years of development, Zhangjiang has gradually set up its own innovative industrial clusters .Many integrated Circuits, Bio-Tech & Pharmaceutical, Software and Creativity enterprises in Zhangjiang are industry leaders in China, or even over the world.

By the end of 2010, Zhangjiang has been home to over 6000 enterprises with total revenue of 102.1 billion RMB,The number of employees in the park has reached 150,000,with over 80% holding bachelor degree or above Our goal is to turn Hangjiang into a next-generation pacemaker in high-tech industries.

Where We Are

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is located in the central part of Pudong New Area of Shanghai with a planned core area of 25km2.

Shanghai is the most important industrial and commercial city in China.

Shanghai covers a total area of 6,340.5km2,which extends about 120 kilometers from north to south and about 100 kilometers from east to west.

Shanghai holds a total population of 19 million by the end of 2009,Shanghai is characterized by a warm spring, hot summer,cool autumn and cold winter,Annual average temperature is about 15degrees centigrade Shanghai receives abundant rainfall and the average annual precipitation is over 1000cm.

Shang hai plays an important role in the nation's economic development,With only 1% of the nation's population and 0.06% of the nation's land,Shanghai contributes one-eighth of China's financial income,The volume of cargo handled at local ports accounts for 10% of the national total,and commodities passing through the city's total,Facing both opportunities and challenges in the nation's total Facing both opportunities and challenges in the 21st century, Shanghai has already set its middle and long-term development goals:To build the city into one of the economic,finance,trade and shipping centers in the world and a socialist modern international metropolis by 2020.

Located in the east of Shanghai Pudong is a destination for foreign investors,it has attracted over 14000 enterprises from more than 100 countries with total investment over 40000 million USD Over 1/2 of the Fortune 500 have start their business in Pudong.

Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Master Plan

  • Zhang jiang covers a total area of 77.45km2.
  • The core area covers 25km2 including the north area and the middle area The dominant industrial clusters her are integrated Circuits ,Software lndustry,Bio-Tech&Pharmaceutical,Creative,Low-Carbon lndustry.
  • The south area is developing Aviation lndustry, interactive Entertainment,Bio-Tech & Pharmaceutical and Modern Agriculture.
  • There are also another two specialized areas in the east of Zhangjiang,Financial information Service industrial Park is concentrating on Financial Information Service and Financial BPO Service,And in the east area of Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park,we are mainly developing Bio-Tech &Pharmaceutical,Medical Devices,Photo-Electron and Low-Carbon lndustry.

What We Do

Shanghai Zhangjiang(Group)Co.,Ltd.
plays the role of park developer, service provider as well as investor of hi-tech industries.

Park Development and Operation

We,offer various space solutions of good value our clients for the usage of office, labs and manufacturing,in the meantime, in the meantime,as a national level industrial zone, Zhangjiang's deep understanding of hi-tech industries has helped us form an open, collaborative environment for our clients.

Comprehensive and Professional Service

Customer Service is always the core value of Zhangjiang, After years of efforts, we have formed a complete system providing comprehensive and professional services to our clients. We have set up a customer service center dedicated to providing service covering aspects of restructuring of enterprises, LPO service, logistics,import green channel,consulting services of construction,legal sevice,HR manager club,entrepreneur salon,financial manager club,apartment leasing service,etc.

Fund and investment

As one of the best recognized hi-tech parks in China,Zhangjiang has established an efficient platform of investment and financing for innovative enterprises. We've formed an investment chain covering all stages of enterprises development by synthesizing government's and social capitals' strength.